Words from a Bride!

We just got back late last night and this is the best email to come back to! Thank you for the sweet words, it's always nice to hear how someone else sees things! We LOVE the painting!!!! It seriously is so beautiful and better then anything I could have pictured! You did a great job and Doug and I were saying on the Honeymoon we are so glad we chose you and have something to keep and look back on for many years to come! I cant wait to go pick it up...

Thank you for taking the time to come and I hope you had easy travels!! I would recommend you to anyone!

Jennifer (Houston, TX)
Ashton Gardens West - Houston, Texas

Ashton Gardens West - Houston, Texas

Two Texas Weddings in Colorado

It is always a pleasure working with Texans in Colorado! I think the warmth and comfort of familiar people makes me paint better. Friday night I had the honor of painting for, not one but two, family friends in Beaver Creek at Beano's Cabin, for the Rehearsal dinner. It brought me to tears to hear the speeches about these two lovely people!

Saturday morning, I woke up and drove to Basalt to paint another wedding at the Roaring Fork Golf Club as a surprise from the groom to his bride... low and behold, I personally knew the bride and did not even know until I arrived! Such a special weekend, and the mountains held off the snow until Sunday... perfect timing! Safe travels, Texans! xo, Jennie

Wash Park Live Painting

My wonderful friend, Jessie, woke me up at 7am one morning to do a fun shoot in one of my favorite parks, Washington Park, in Denver. As the sun rose on the lake and the geese swam circles around their little babies, it was the perfect morning to paint a simple impressionistic rendering of iconic lake. Live paintings are really just connecting the world around me, with the canvas in front of me. Painting constantly teaches me to pay attention to the ordinary – there is magic right before our eyes, it just takes awareness to see the extraordinary. Notice the soft transition of colors during a sunrise or sunset, the sweet intricacy of flower petals, the way light dances through water... look for it.

See Jessie's website here: http://jessienicholephotography.com/

Classic Oaks Style

Live Wedding Painting Classic Oaks
FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Madison walked down the staircase with her dad and the room fell silent. There was such an elegance about her. Even if no one was watching, Madison and Preston's love for one another would be no different. I felt like it was only fitting to put the two of them dancing alone, with no distractions, only the magic of the moment. Thanks for having me!! 

Venue: Classic Oaks Ranch, Mansfield, Texas

Planner: Lucia Foster (@luciabitnar)

St. Regis is the patron saint of weddings?

I learned to ski in Park City, Utah and had not been back since I was nine years old! The place is absolutely beautiful. I was so honored to do a "live wedding painting" for Cameron and her groom, Mike. Cameron, like myself, is a born and bred Texan and I always love encountering Texans at weddings! The atmosphere was light and filled with joy. As I painted, I wanted to incorporate the soft feeling the colors of the wedding evoked and simplify the beautiful unity of these two. Loved working with wonderful vendors: Michelle Leo Events, St. Regis Deer Valley, Urban Chateau Floral, and Jacque Lynn Photography. 

Live Wedding Painting on Branding Day!

I don't think I have ever been more excited to paint a wedding! This special wedding took place on the family's 100 year old working cattle ranch, and included a "live branding" before the ceremony. After working cows, the bride and groom quite literally hopped off their horses and walked down to the ceremony to say, "I do." It was so refreshingly authentic and simple. The "ranch life" reminded me so much of home in Texas, and my heart melted a little meeting real cowboys and watching them do their thing. Congratulations, Lauren and Will!  

Farther Along

Josh Garrels at Common Grounds. Waco, Texas

Josh Garrels at Common Grounds. Waco, Texas

Josh Garrels and I could not be more different – he's a total Portlander, a skateboarder, musician and mellow personality; on the other hand, I am a devote Texan at heart, ranch girl, painter, and bubbly personality. But, we have one thing in common – we both attempt to draw others into the beautiful Truth that inspires our art, a deep belief in Jesus Christ.

I learned about Josh Garrels years ago, in college, after a friend recommended a song to me. I heard his music and immediately something profound happened, it moved me; I can't exactly explain it, but this song was more than just music – it touched my heart and made me crave more.

The pathos and beauty of Garrels’ music is a function of his artistry – good music is good music, and he knows how to make it – but he is, without a doubt, a man on fire with faith.
An unwavering belief in sin, sacrifice, and redemption are the beating heart of his every song, not as the shrink-wrapped transmission of an explicit message, but as the genuine expression of a lived reality, of a man finding God incarnate in all things – even pain. - Josh Garrels

Have you ever been affected by something or someone, and then had a desire to understand what makes them so different? Sparked by one song, I had this fascination with Josh and his story, and needed to understand what drives him as a person, and as an artist.

The way he approaches business is unusual and inspiring – he gives away his music for free. The beautiful rhythm of his voice, and his poetic lyrics draw listeners into a quiet meditation on the deeper meaning and purpose of life. His quiet personality, and contagious humility just make listeners more intrigued – humility in the sense of someone who does not crave attention for himself, but continues to use his platform to point to beauty beneath his music.  

I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn't resolve. But I was outside the Bagdad Theater in Portland one night when I saw a man playing the saxophone. I stood there for fifteen minutes, and he never opened his eyes.

After that I liked jazz music.

Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way.
- Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller
Josh Garrels at Common Grounds, Waco. 

Josh Garrels at Common Grounds, Waco. 

I think Josh Garrels helped me truly begin to understand what makes real art. If it is authentic, it comes from a place deep within your heart. Any viewer, or listener can tell when an artist is creating from a place of vulnerable authenticity, or drawing from some outside source. Josh helped me understand that. Here's to you, Josh Garrels! Keep doing what you love and creating beautiful music, it changes people... I know from experience. 

"Ultimately, if I have any influence at all, I want to help people look up, and see that the Lord’s alive and well, and His love can change everything." - Josh Garrels

Sloan's Heaven

24x24in. "Sloan's Heaven"

24x24in. "Sloan's Heaven"

For those of you who knew Sloan Everett, I envy you.

I've personally only known Sloan through people who knew him, stories I've read, and pictures I've seen. But, his story has affected my life. It's a funny thing how you can never have met someone, yet their life can deeply impact the way you live.

From what I can tell, every aspect of this man's life reflected a deep love and devotion to eternity above all things. He had his eyes fixed on what is above, and it is clear everyone around him knew that. 

When Sloan's wife, Liesl, posted a photograph recently of Sloan working on a ranch in Wyoming she wrote, "I like to think that heaven will look like Wyoming, so I like to think Sloan is doing this very thing this morning...". I decided I needed to paint "Sloan's Heaven", not only for Liesl, but for their precious children to see in their home and always remember their Father who loved them. 

Caroline Everett Jurgensen Photography

May we always remember Sloan Everett and aspire to live like him – in a way that echoes in eternity and leaves a legacy for the world to emulate. Rest in peace, Sloan Everett. You will always be remembered!

But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10: 37-40, 43-45
Daring to stay open to whatever will come to me today, tomorrow, two months from now or a year from now – that is hope. To go fearlessly into things without knowing how they’ll turn out, to keep on going, even when something doesn’t work the first time, to have trust in whatever you’re doing – that is living with hope. –Henri Nouwen
You do not understand now what I am doing, but later you will understand... Jn. 13:7

Read more about Sloan's story here: http://amarillo.com/news/local-news/2017-03-09/he-saddled-anyway-first-texas-panhandle-wildfire-victims-buried