The set-up is quick and simple.  Typically, I bring a portable wooden easel to the wedding reception (or ceremony), my acrylic paints, mason jars and brushes, and a basket/bag to hold excess materials. I never want my business to be an eye sore, therefore I take precautions to ensure my materials do not clash with the wedding atmosphere, or decorations.  


Every day when I walk into my studio, I remind myself of three words: “Spontaneous, Joyful, Uncertainty”. Spontaneity allows me the freedom to express whatever comes without fearing the restrictions of an ideal image, or perfectionism. Joy reminds me my identity is not ultimately determined by what people say, or think of me, but by a deeper belief in my faith. As I hold my paintbrush and stare at a blank canvas, I choose to embrace uncertainty and paint free from anxiety to control the end result. Every day, I choose to confidently approach my job offering my very best, certain I am being led where I need to go and given the courage to do what I need to. I believe in the gifts I have, I am passionate about sharing what I have been freely given.


Weddings are a beautiful reflection of an eternal reality.  Painting in its purest form is a quiet and gentle expression of grace. To combine the two, creates a memorable and unique experience for the people attending the wedding. It also provides quiet and reverent entertainment for those who may not particularly enjoy the dance floor, or who want to escape the claustrophobia of the crowd.


Although most brides hire photographers and videographers to capture the movements of the wedding, I believe with one painting an artist can capture the passion and dramatic emotion of the atmosphere from a unique perspective, specific to the bride and groom’s wedding. Just as a song often recalls vivid memories to each individual listener, paintings capture a feeling, a moment and draw the observers into the emotion of the memory. Personally, I enjoy simplifying the event in my paintings to focus on the meaning of the marriage – I prefer painting the bride and groom together, captured in an ethereal setting, without guests or with a subtle few, to symbolize the unifying of their lives together. 

What is the Process?

Prior to the wedding day, I will give the client an opportunity to let me know any specific preferences they may have for the painting – they have the choice of having the reception or ceremony painted. On the wedding day, I will arrive at the reception about an hour or so early to set up my easel and paints, and begin laying out a loose composition before guests arrive. If I paint the ceremony, I will arrive 2-3 hours before to paint the majority before guests arrive, due to the short timeframe of a ceremony.

As guests arrive, I will begin developing more detail of the entire atmosphere from guests, tables and chairs, chandeliers etc. Typically, I paint the bride and groom dancing their first dance together, as husband and wife, but the client can tell me if they would like a different posture painted. Every painting is different, achieved in response to the atmosphere. My style is very impressionistic, created with a loose hand and beautiful brushstrokes – an expression of the event more than a realistic rendering. The whole process takes around 4-5 hours. The bride and groom will receive one large painting incorporating a reflection of the entire wedding atmosphere.**

*The final painting can be made into prints for parents or stationary as "thank you" notes for an additional fee.

**On the forefront, the client has the option for me to take the painting back to my studio in Denver, after the wedding, to continue refining details. However, there is an additional hourly charge and shipping costs associated.




Pricing will be based on a flat rate depending on the unframed canvas size (18" x 24", 24" x 36", or 30" x 30"). However, if travel is involved, expenses will also include: flight/milage, transportation, lodging, and meals. 

Every wedding is different and I am willing to discuss how I can help make this special entertainment happen for you. My main concern is providing unique entertainment and leaving you with a beautiful painting to remember your wedding day! Please Contact Me and let's chat about the details specific to you!




Photo: @linejurgensen (Caroline Jurgensen)


“I wanted to reach out and let you know how much Ben and I love our painting! It is better than we could have ever imagined. Ben even told me the day after our wedding that he wasn’t that into the idea of a live painting, but knew I wanted one so he just went along with it. He said he could not have been more wrong and loved seeing it come to life and is so glad we will have this amazing memory to keep forever!”

"Photos are fabulous, but there really isn’t anything else you can compare to having the painting of the actual wedding. A painting can be done following the wedding from a photograph, but Jennie was able to craft what she deemed best from the whole night. It really served as entertainment for the guests and was like an activity at the wedding."

"I can't tell you how many people have commented about the painting and what a unique idea it daughter didn't even have to think about her decision....when she saw your work, she knew immediately.  People at the wedding were fascinated watching you, the wedding planner mentioned the idea on her blog, the photographers commented about it, and it was just a complete hit!"

"Words could not begin to express our gratitude for having Jennie paint at our wedding. Beyond her grace and professionalism, she was easy to coordinate with and plan leading up to, during and after the wedding. She has an uncanny ability to turn a precious moment into a piece of art in a way which no photo, album, nor video could ever capture. I love her style of painting and am astonished at how she can turn it around in one night - truly talented. Most importantly, while she works Jennie is also incredibly kind, funny and charming with all the guests. Highly recommend!"   -Ellie