Happy Friday!

No better way to kick off the weekend than with green pastures and still waters of a neighborhood coffeeshop. You wonder what I do here? Currently sketching some painting ideas, filling in the blanks on Excel docs of income/expenses, scheduling marketing tactics, returning emails from clients/bloggers, basic to-do lists to prepare for traveling to weddings, researching fellow artists and gaining inspiration from the classroom, scribbling ideas for printing new products, etc...sometimes it's hard to explain, but being a self-employed artist requires me to play far more roles than just tossing paint on a canvas! Now being in their shoes, I have deeper respect and appreciation for artists...

Jennie Pitts

Jennie Pitts is a local painter out of Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in Austin, Texas. Paints original acrylic pieces specializing in live wedding paintings, and personalized commission pieces.