"Commons On Champa" Art Reveal sponsored by Comcast

As an entrepreneur myself, I personally understand the burdensome monotony of long days and hard work required to make a new business successful. 

As I painted the three landscape pieces, I hoped the refreshing scenes of the beautiful Colorado outdoors would enlighten and inspire the indoor workspace. In the same way, the Denver skyline painting is an attempt to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, bursting with life, and unlimited potential.

No matter the attitude of the day, the series, as a whole, encourages viewers to break free from the mundane, and focus their eyes on the hope and freedom beyond what they see.  

Denver Skyline

Jennie Pitts

Jennie Pitts is a local painter out of Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in Austin, Texas. Paints original acrylic pieces specializing in live wedding paintings, and personalized commission pieces.