Google Doodles and Curiosity

I began work this morning entertained by the "Google Doodle" (not sure if that is what they are called, but Google People take note, if not) shooting stars and playing inspirational acoustic music... 

You know, on the Google home page, when they place animation on their logo depending on celebrations and interesting facts of the day like George Washington's Birthday, Earth Day, or the 4th of July etc. I really enjoy and appreciate Google's fascination with acknowledging and celebrating the simple things.

Wonder is a fantastic element of this life that we so often forget about.  Wonder makes us lose ourselves and stand in awe of things we do not completely understand. We learn to appreciate not knowing everything and simply leaning in closer to listen, discover and learn more about this crazy thing called life. 

Painting yesterday, I stood in front of my canvas and let myself get lost in Wonder staring at the blank canvas before me. Abruptly interrupted, by a gentle knocking at my door, Curiosity so delicately let herself in. As she entered, she sang along with her friends, Surprising and Beautiful, and this is what happened...

Wonder–ful. Full of wonder. 

I asked for wonder, and He gave it to me. –Brennan Manning

Jennie Pitts

Jennie Pitts is a local painter out of Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in Austin, Texas. Paints original acrylic pieces specializing in live wedding paintings, and personalized commission pieces.