Rachel Carter Photography

"Once you choose to believe in who you are and who you were created to be, it's up to you to really live that out. Nobody else can do that for you."


Growing up in Texas, I like to believe my heart for art and expression originated in my deep connection with the world around me. On the ranch, I was wild and free, playing cowboys and indians, riding bareback on horses and climbing Oak trees. My family encouraged me embrace the outdoors, but I really think nature embraced me.

I always seemed to have a deep desire to connect with nature, the animals and the world outside. I would just sit and listen to life in the trees and in the quiet, stroking the velvety nose of my horse from a swing. I guess you could say, I was a very spiritual child and had a wild imagination.

To this day, the little girl inside me still finds rest in horses and listens to the whisper in the trees. Every time I pick up a paintbrush, it seems I get to connect with that little girl - she hears and sees the present moment and colorfully translates it onto a canvas through a little brush and some paint.

Thank you for supporting my work! I would love nothing more than to know you and paint something for you - let’s connect!

xo, Jennie Lou

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